What Are the Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling isn't only useful for married couples; it can also help couples who are thinking about getting married. For example, some couples find it helpful to have pre-marriage counselling sessions before they settle down in their life together.

How does pre-marriage counselling work and what are the benefits?

How does Pre-Marriage Counselling Work?

Pre-marriage counselling usually involves meeting with a relationship therapist or counsellor for a few sessions. Both of you will attend most of these sessions together; however, you may have solo sessions first so that your counsellor can learn more about each of you individually.

Alternatively, you may both be asked to fill out a questionnaire before you start your joint counselling. Both solo sessions and questionnaire answers give your counsellor an insight into you both as individuals. Your counsellor analyses this information to help you understand how you'll work as a couple. So, for example, a counsellor can help you understand where your strengths and weakness might lie as a couple. They can help you identify areas where you may have problems or conflict in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counselling?

You don't have to have doubts or concerns about settling down to go for pre-marriage counselling. This kind of therapy can benefit any couple. Even if you currently live together and get along really well, things may change after you're married.

While pre-marriage counselling can reinforce your strengths as a couple, it is possibly most useful as a way of flagging potential problems in the future. Your therapist looks at you both as individuals first and then compares things like your personality traits, expectations, backgrounds and communication styles. This comparison can be really useful for you both. For example, if your counsellor finds that you want to deal with problems as soon as they happen but your partner prefers to avoid confrontation, then you know that you might have some communication problems down the line.

You may both find it easier to know this kind of information before you get married rather than afterwards. Your counsellor may also be able to help you find ways to deal with any difficulties or problems you might have in the future.

To find out more about pre-marriage counselling, contact relationship counselling services in your area. They can explain how their own process works and how it might help you both go into married life with a better understanding of each other.

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