What to Expect When Caring for Someone With Spinal Cord Injuries

Disability comes in many ways. Injured spinal cords are one way in which someone can impair their physical and cognitive abilities. Generally, the spinal cord has the mandate to transmit signals between your brain and the rest of the body. It acts as a head office for all the nerves, enabling to you feel sensations such as pain, pressure and pleasure. An injury to the spinal cord interferes with the ability of the cord to communicate with the brain. If your loved one injures his or her spinal cord, here are the things you should expect when caring for them. 

Why Is Care Important? 

Special care and attention are necessary for anyone with a spinal cord injury. First, the spinal cord has the potential to paralyse the whole body if the affected person does not get the attention he or she needs. This results from continued deterioration and damage to the nerves running through the middle and lower sections of the body. Caring for such a person reduces further damage to the spinal cord after an injury. Secondly, it helps them manage their shock and regain normal body reflexes. With time, they will be able to respond to pain and other sensations. 

Why Do You Need to Control Temperatures at Home?

Temperature control is an important element when dealing with someone who has an issue with his or her spinal cord. Most victims experience dysfunction in their autonomic nervous systems, which interferes with the ability of the body to regulate its temperature. Therefore, medical practitioners will ask to find a way of maintaining an appropriate temperature in the immediate surrounding of the patient. Air conditioning systems installed at home and beside the patient's bed will come in handy in such occurrences. To add on that, you should expect to handle advanced devices needed for measuring monitoring patient temperatures. The doctors will help you acquire these devices. 

How Will You Handle Pressure Sores?

If your loved one injures his or her spinal cord, they are at a high risk of developing pressure sores. Generally, pressure sores refer to painful ulcerations that develop on a patient's skin when they sit or lie in a certain position for too long. You should anticipate getting a dynamic airflow mattress in the initial stages of caring for the patient. Such mattresses have good airflow that reduces the chances of pressure sores. 

Gradually, proper care will enhance the healing process for a person with a spinal cord injury. Reduced neck pain and painless range of movements in the back are a sign that you are doing the right thing. For more information, contact your local disability care centre today.

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