Possible Reasons Why You Have Developed an Eye Twitch

While eye problems can be quite alarming, few are as irritating as a twitch that just refuses to go away. Furthermore, with the vast range of causes for this stubborn ailment, it can be difficult to pinpoint what the reason for your particular twitch is and to cure it effectively. Thus, it is always imperative to visit your optometrist when you develop an eye twitch so they can discern the underlying reason and treat it appropriately. If you are prone to eye twitches that last for a significant period and prove disruptive to your daily life, here are a few of the possible reasons why you could be affected.

Chronic fatigue

One of the leading causes of periodic eye twitches is chronic fatigue. The tiredness could be brought about due to things like long hours staring at a screen, lack of sufficient sleep and reading for hours on end. When your eyes are overworked, they can progressively start to develop strain. Symptoms that accompany this cause of eye twitching include light sensitivity and excessive dryness.

Insurmountable stress

The pressures of work and home life can greatly increase the levels of stress that you are under. You may assume that this stress will only affect your mental condition, but it can also manifest physically in the form of eye twitches. The more stressed you are, the more sensitive your eyes become to stimuli. As a result, you might develop an eye twitch, which could also be accompanied by face twitches and other muscular tics.

Excessive caffeine

While most people need at least a couple of cups of coffee to face the day head-on, this could be the actual cause for your eye twitches. Drinks such as sodas, energy drinks and coffee will all contribute to the caffeine levels in your bloodstream throughout the day. Therefore, while you believe that you only had a small amount of caffeine in the morning, the reality could be that you have taken too much, which increases your adrenaline and subsequently can cause your eyes to twitch.

Undiagnosed vision impairment

In some cases, you may have developed some vision problems that you are unaware of. Thus, your eyes end up working harder than usual to focus, and this, in turn, causes them to strain. Vision impairment in the form of hyperopia, astigmatism, myopia and more could all be causing your eye twitch and will require an optometrist to diagnose.

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