Why You May Want to See a Counsellor

If you think that only those who are somehow mentally and emotionally weak see a counsellor, you would be wrong; needing therapy or benefiting from it doesn't mean a person is somehow weak in any way. Very often there are mental or emotional issues that hold a person back from enjoying their life or achieving their goals, but they cannot pinpoint these issues or don't know how to address them effectively. Like seeing a doctor when you're in physical pain, seeing a counsellor can help you to address your mental and emotional pain or help you see mental and emotional issues more clearly. Note when it might be recommended that you see a counsellor or psychologist of some sort.

Spiritual issues

You may be inclined to talk to a priest, rabbi, or some type of religious leader when you're having spiritual issues, but keep in mind that their counsel might be a bit biased. They may be concerned with simply bringing you back to the religion and not necessarily concerned with your overall mental and emotional health. A counsellor is not going to tell you what to do or necessarily criticize a religion, but they can help you get past feelings of guilt or anxiety when it comes to making your own decision about spirituality and following your own path in this area.

Physical pain

Physical pain can sometimes be related to stress, anxiety, panic disorders and many negative emotions. If your doctor has ruled out any physical causes for your stomach aches, headaches, neck and back pain, fatigue and other such pain, or if you're suffering from addictions or sleep disturbances, you may want to see a counsellor. You may have mental or emotional issues of which you're not even aware and which are affecting you physically. A counsellor can help you address these in a positive way, alleviating your physical pain in the process.


Don't assume that phobias are just personality quirks; if you have severe phobias that limit your everyday activities, or phobias of things that aren't necessarily dangerous such as food items or inanimate objects, you might discuss this with a counsellor. There could be something from your past that is causing you to overreact this way and to feel this unnecessary fear. If you explore those past issues with a counsellor, you may find those phobias to be much more manageable or may find that they disappear altogether so that they don't interfere with your everyday life.

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