How to Relieve Neck Arthritis Pain

If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, it might be the result of arthritis. Arthritis occurs when you have inflammation of your joints, which causes pain and discomfort. While many people experience arthritis pain in their arms, legs, ankles, and hips, you can also experience the pain in your back or neck. The following tips will help you to relieve neck pain from arthritis.

Use Heat and Ice

Another home remedy for neck pain from arthritis is by using a combination of heat and ice. With heat, you want to take warm baths to soothe your joints. It can help reduce the inflammation naturally while also providing you with some pain relief. It can also help with muscle tension in your neck or back. When you want to switch to ice, use ice packs on your neck. This also reduces inflammation and pain, along with lowering any swelling you have of your neck joint. If you don't have an ice pack, a bag of frozen vegetables will also work good, but make sure you cover it with paper towels or a dish towel to avoid discomfort on your skin.

Practice Daily Exercises

While it can be uncomfortable to move your head and neck, you need to get regular movement to help ease the pain from neck arthritis. Moving your body on a daily basis is a good way to start stretching the joints and strengthening the muscles, both of which can help with arthritis. You don't want to participate in workouts that cause you more pain, so stick to gentle exercises and stretches. If you're not sure which ones are appropriate, ask your doctor or a physical therapist to show you good exercises to do. Low-impact aerobics, cardio, and swimming are good exercises that work your muscles and joints to help with neck pain and arthritis.

Treat Arthritis With Chiropractic Care

For neck pain that doesn't go away with home remedies, you might want to try chiropractic care. The chiropractor will use a variety of different methods to help you find pain relief. They can not only provide you with massage therapy and adjustments that help you find pain relief, but they can also reduce the arthritis and a variety of physical conditions. With regular chiropractic care (available at offices like Hutt Street Chiropractic Centre), you will discover that other ailments are suddenly improved, such as headaches and lower back pain.

If you are still struggling with neck pain due to your arthritis, consult your doctor. They may be able to provide other treatments or possibly recommend surgery.

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